Spies Running Amok!

I thought it was fitting to tell you all this story before I departed to France for the weekend.  This story is 100% true. I hope….

One day this past week, a teacher of mine (who will remain unnamed) was in the middle of his lecture talking about when England applied for membership in the EU for the first time back in the 1950s.  He started going on an aside, saying that at this point in time, he was the Director of all Bonds Sales at the English treasury; the most prestigious of all the English state departments.  His boss told him to go France on a covert operation, unbeknownst to the MI6 people, to recover as much information on the French as possible in their decision making process.  


While in Paris, he stayed in one of the fanciest lofts in the entire city.  But that’s not where the story gets interesting.  This guy is so much of a player, that he starts seeing the daughter of a cop, a hot French woman named Elaine.  But guess what? SHE TOO happens to be a spy, only she is a spy for the French, and she is supposed to be spying on the English.  This guy has the cojones to then “exchange dialogue” with this girl to the point where she lets him in on a few of the French secrets as well.  It doesn’t end there.  His hot French girlfriend apparently comes from a lineage of other hot french women because her mom hits on all of her boyfriends.  In fact, his girlfriend told our teacher directly, and seriously might I add, “I lost all my prior boyfriends to my mom.”  

A few weeks later, his girlfriend invites him to their beach house to spend the weekend with her family.  However, her mother calls him to tell him to NOT bring the girlfriend along, and that she wants some alone time with him.  The man, clearly lacking the desire to partake in this taboo erotica, bails on the weekend, dumps the spy girlfriend, and returns home.   

All the while, the information that he was telling his bosses turned out to be right.  Only, his bosses could not believe how accurate he was and how right he was when news broke out that the English were denied their application.  They became suspicious, and they later canned him because of his involvement with his spy girlfriend.  I promise you this is not some movie script I stole.  

If you can tell me a story that came out of one of your teacher’s mouths that is as crazy as this, I commend you.  

— Can’t wait for Paris & Versailles.  We leave bright and early tomorrow morning, so stay tuned!